Andrews AFB, MD History

    Andrews Field, now part of Joint Base Andrews, was formerly Andrews Air Force Base. Andrews AFB began as an Army site occupation of a church at Camp Springs, Maryland, during the American Civil War. This church is still standing, now Chapel Two.

    During World War Two Camp Springs was established as Camp Springs Army Air Field, becoming active in May 1943 as a base for P-47 Thunderbolts, a training base for fighter pilot training, and soon designated Army Air Field Headquarters base, until the Pentagon assumed this mission. Camp Springs was renamed Andrews Air Army Base in honor of Lieutenant General Frank Maxwell Andrews, killed on duty as Commanding General, United States Forces, European Theatre of Operations during World War Two.

    After World War Two, Andrews served as Continental Air Command, Strategic Air Command, the Military Air Transport Service, and Air Force Systems Command. It has been the site of many historical events, from diplomatic transits to Presidential arrivals and departures.

    Andrews Air Force Base, close to Washington D.C., served a vital, central, active role since World War Two, serving as one of the first jet bases, fighter interceptor bases, main base for the 89th (Presidential) Airlift, home base for the 79th Medical Wing, and home and host for many Air Force units vital to US air defense and especially the Air Force District of Washington.

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    About The Base
    Joint Base Andrews, or Andrews AFB, was established in 1941 and is the official home of the President's aircraft, "Air Force One". Their mission is to provide safe and reliable airlift as well as logistical support for the United States President, Vice President, Cabinet members and Congress. For more information click here.